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Do a subforum with spanish smf support, o others languages.

See you later ;)

SMF For Free:
If we get enough spanish people speaking then I can add a spanish subforum or support forums. I only really had four years of spanish, so I may not be able to understand it all.

SMF For Free

Ok, i go to the smf oficial forum, in the spanish subforum to ask.

Good look. ;)

there are a lot of us in here... i mean, using the smf for free... this would be good idea... not all the people dare to post in this board... why? 'cuz it is in English...
...if you need somthing, send me an email...

...i would be glad to help.

SMF For Free:
Added a Spanish sub forum order general support.  Now I need some people to post and other to reply to the posts.

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