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Author Topic: Stylesheet Authors - Must Read 1/05/2010  (Read 7514 times)

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Stylesheet Authors - Must Read 1/05/2010
« on: April 23, 2008, 11:00:29 am »
     Stylesheets, Header/Footer codes, scripts, etc can NOT remove or cover
     ANY Ad or any area of the forum that contains Ads per the TOS.
     If a style is posted here that removes the ads the style will be deleted.

     The Footer Branding/Server Beach image, etc and copyrite can NOT be removed
     If a style is posted here that removes them the style will be deleted.

     Do not steal, leech images.  Do not hot link/use image urls from other sites.  
     Do NOT use copyrited images for your stylesheets.
     Stylesheets will be deleted if you do so.
     Get permission to use the images that you use in your stylesheets.

     If you do a remake or a conversion of a stylesheet or theme you are required to
     give credit to the original author of the theme/style and a link back to the original
     authors site if you have that.   We will delete the stylesheet if credit is not given.

    Do NOT remake themes that are Paid themes.
     If you do so the thread will be deleted.

     Use the Stylesheet Codes Board to post your stylesheets.
     It is recommended that you post a Preview or Demo link.
     Post only stylesheets that you created yourself - do not post other people's work.

Do not make a new forum just for the purpose of creating and posting a stylesheet
     Its fine to create a test forum for your own use to create styles but do not make
     a new forum for every stylesheet you create.  

     There are other ways to handle this:

     1.  Post a screenshot (use thumbnail images) of the stylesheet.        How to Post Thumbnails
     2.  Use  
          What is
          StyleYourForum iis provided by SMF for FREE as a place where style creators can
          upload their creations.  All style images are hosted on   You
          do not have to worry about bandwidth issues on your own personal hosting account.  
          Even the images in the css file are automatically hosted.  A Preview forum is created
          so you  use THAT Preview link to post here as a Live Demo/Preview of your style.
          You can also submit directly to in Manage Styles on your own forum.

If you do a stylesheet request for someone please post the stylesheet in the Stylesheet Codes Board   then give them a link to the thread for it.  
Do not post the stylesheet codes in the Request threads.

The Stylesheet Index
We do not do screenshots/thumbnail images for you for the Stylesheet Index.  
If one is not posted with your Stylesheet Code there will be no thumbnail/screenshot in the Index.
How to Post Thumbnails

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