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Author Topic: Code Creators - Read Before Posting Codes!  (Read 19448 times)

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Code Creators - Read Before Posting Codes!
« on: May 29, 2009, 08:14:01 am »
Just a couple of rules for all you code authors out there.
If you don't follow these rules, your topic will be deleted

Test the Codes
Please, before you post your codes, test them.  If you have a code, make sure they will work properly before posting.  Also makes sure they work in more than one browser.  If they don't work in more than one browser, try to get it to work in other browsers.  If you have tried that, then, in the post, say which browsers it doesn't work in.

Leave Descriptions
People like it when you leave a good description of the code you have created.  That description can either get the user to say "hey, I like this code", or "I don't really need this on my forum".  So please, leave a good description of the code you have created.

If user needs to edit, tell how
If the person who uses it needs to edit it, please tell how they can edit it clearly.  If you want, leave an example of how you can edit the code.

Posting codes not created by you
If you found a code that you liked and you want to post it, ask the creator if you can post it.  If that creator is like me, he/she would want to know where his/her codes are being posted at.  Also, the copyright must stay intact.  Also, if you want to edit a code that they don't specify you to edit, then ask the creator if you can edit that code.  If you edit a code and you didn't get the permission to and you mess up your forum, I wouldn't even try getting the creator to fix it.  It's your fault that your forum is messed up due to editing the code, that you didn't get permission to edit it.

Codes you find posted on dynamicdrives,, etc.   Read their Terms of Use.  Many of these sites clearly state you may not take and post their codes elsewhere.    If you modify their codes you also can not change or remove their copyrites.   If you post their codes here they WILL be removed.

 - Agent Moose
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