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Author Topic: Java Resources!  (Read 4602 times)

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Java Resources!
« on: July 18, 2007, 10:33:09 pm »
Basic resources for learning Java
Java Technology FAQ's
Classpath resources
Servlets & JSP
New to Java™ Technology FAQs
Java™ Programming FAQs
Java™ - Reference FAQs
The FAQ List
Javapedia: Classpath
How Classes are Found
Setting the class path (Windows)
Setting the class path (Solaris/Linux)
Understanding the Java ClassLoader

Here are some resources I've found especially helpful for folks new to Java:

Installation Notes - JDK 5.0 Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Your First Cup of Java
New to Java Center
The Java™ Tutorial - A practical guide for programmers
The Java™ Tutorial - Trail: Learning the Java Language
Java Programming Notes - Fred Swartz
How To Think Like A Computer Scientist
Introduction to Computer Science using Java
The Java Developers Almanac 1.4

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Object-oriented language basics
Don't Fear the OOP

The Java Programming Language - 4th Edition
Head First Java, by Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra
Thinking in Java (Free online), by Bruce Eckel
Core Java, by Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell
Effective Java, by Joshua Bloch

Resources for learning about Servlets & JSP:

Head First Servlets & JSP
The J2EE™ 1.4 Tutorial - Java Servlet Technology
The J2EE™ Tutorial - JavaServer Pages Technology

Most of these links provided by: Yawmark from Devshed forums. Others by me a LONG time ago. Dev shed is dead now :(

Hope you find these useful :) Feel free to post links so I can add them ;)

Other Links:
Java Lessons, by Jon Huhtala
Java Books List, Tons of books
List of Java shit
Swing API
Java Olympus
J2ee Olympus
Jsp Olympus
J2me Olympus
Java Lecture
Golden Studios
Remote File Access
Jmonkey Engine
The Final Word
Java/AWT Example
Java Cooperation
Some E-books

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Re: Java Resources!
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2008, 02:30:19 am »
Thanks alot for these links.I love working with Java.


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