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Announcements / Updated Tapatalk on all forums
« on: November 10, 2014, 09:16:24 am »
Have updated and installed the latest version of tapatalk on all forums.
We are working with Tapatalk to get all the forums listed with tapatalk.

SMF For Free

Announcements / SMF For Free - Gallery and ezPortal Updated
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:11:05 am »
Updates to Gallery and ezPortal

Have posted some new updates to our Gallery and ezPortal for your forums

Gallery Changes:
+Added moderation logging to log key actions made by gallery admins in the gallery along with a Moderation Log area
+Added alt tags on image listing areas in the gallery using the title of the image
+Custom Fields can now be added globally instead of just category level specific
+Custom Fields can now be edited
+New sharing options added for Reddit and Pinterest
+Updated top userbar tabs in the gallery code optimized
+Unapproved comments now visible to admins/comment owners when viewing a picture/video
+Added index to date column on gallery_pic table for better performance when date searching
!Fixed bug with uploading videos failing if no preview picture included.
+Upgraded Stats page more types of stats now shown. Including total votes, top raters, top categories, average pictures/videos added per day, average comments added per day
!Improved the look of the stats page
+Comment display now includes the total number of comments next to Comments on view picture
!Improved display of quick reply

SMF For Free

Announcements / Data loss some forums affected
« on: October 19, 2014, 06:20:20 pm »
We ran spam cleaning script against forums on sites at,,

Unfortunately it seems in some cases it was too aggressive and removed all posts.

If your forum was affected please open a support forum thread with your forum as that is the only way we will fix it.

The last backup for data is around 9/30 for
For the last valid backup is 9/1

Announcements / Maintenance Notice 10/12/2014
« on: October 07, 2014, 09:49:10 am »
Maintenance notice our datacenter is moving two servers this Sunday Oct. 12th @ 9am MST. Expect downtime of 20 minutes to 30 minutes during this move.

Announcements / SMF For Free - Forum Updates!
« on: September 07, 2014, 12:48:34 pm »
Have updated a bunch of the main components to SMF For Free forum hosting system.
Detailed all the changes below,

SMF For Free

+Added new setting to disable ezPortal for mobile devices based on user agent
+Added option to delete all shoutbox entries when viewing the shoutbox history
+Added option to disable blocks when using ezPortal admin area
+Updated menu display block thanks to Maxx
+Board News ezBlock the title now links to the topic
!Fixed possible undefined error when editing an ezblock if it has no parameters
!Fixed handling parameters if zero is passed as a required field.
!Twitter block removed due to Twitter api changes
+Added random listing/auction block for SMF Classifieds ezBlock
+Listing date in SMF Classifieds ezBlock uses the datetime format in the classifieds settings
+Better caching of main ezPortal loading functions for block parameters, column and block collaspe states, and ezPortal pages. Should be huge performance gains for sites with caching enabled.
!Fixed sharing link in the news block for Facebook and Google+
+Random SMF Gallery Block and SMF Gallery Block now support SMF Gallery Pro category level permissions and private user gallery permissions.
!Fixed some formating of some the column combinations
!Fixed default install for ezPortal with blocks
+Added Show Google+ Button option to board news ezblock
!Fixed missing div tag in the stats ezBlock
!Fixed bug with center column area
+Added setting to exclude boards for the Recent Posts and Recent Topics ezBlocks

SMF Gallery Pro
+Added option to disable video uploads. Just in case you only want to allow linked videos
!Fixed missing title/rating information on myimages/search results page.
!Small keywords 2 characters or less no longer displayed
!Fixed issue with bulk uploader in chrome returning an error even though picture was uploaded
!Make sure keywords/tag cloud updated on each case for edit picture/video
!Prevent saving keyword of two or less characters from being entered if separated by a comma won't be saved in tag cloud
+Added setting to disable viewing full detail page of image if not registered
+Added category level permission to disable viewing full image details
+Video Addon now built into SMF Gallery Pro -
Upload formats supported: avi,flv,mov,mpg,ram,rm,rpm,swf,wmv
Can have a user uploaded thumbnail if none is specified uses generic video image
Settings to set the max file size, player height, player width, show download link, show html linking codes
Membergroup/category level permission to control which group can upload videos.
+Not filling in all the information/errors on add picture/add video page no redirects back to the page with information already filled out instead of a fatal error.\
+Added user information to the myimages page. Stats include total pictures,comments and views total
+Added setting to redirect back to the category instead of the users myimages page by default
!Admin email notifications/tweet clean up single quote display
+Some linktree tweaks in a couple places display/style improvement
+Template/style tweaks thoughout the gallery.
!Fixed tweeting of gallery items issue due to twitter api change
!Fixed some permissions with the myimages link showing all users pictures instead of just a certain user.
!Fixed bug with search all images from member icon on view picture showing images from galleries the user does not have access to.
!Now check to make sure the category exists if you attempt to view a non existing category will though an error.
+Added option to search all photos no longer requiring entering anything to search in the search system.
+Added arrow key movement for previous/next buttons
!Fixed updating last post on a category when moving a picture from one category to another category on the category display area.
+Added a setting to disable deleting the topic if you using the post to topic feature on a category
+Added add category link to the top of the manage categories page
!Fixed previous image link now working correctly
!Twitter sharing now url encoding the title of picture that is shared.
!Facebook image meta tag description and title now encoded.

SMF Store
+Added option to store tracking code and dispaly it to a client supports FedEx,DHL,ontrac,UPS,USPS

SMF Classifieds
!MyListings now hides deleted/removed listings
+New settings under Layout Settings to hide fields on add listing/adduction and display hide keywords hide buyitnow button hide shipping price hide qty

Downloads Pro
!Editing download now returns to the download category instead of MyFiles area
+Added option to use medium filename for post creation
+Admin notification system for items waiting approval, and reported downloads/comments
+Added a link to the discussion topic if there is a topic created for the download
!Fixed unviewed items bug only allowing downloads admins to view the page

General Support / Vacation no support till 5/26
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:22:32 am »
Vacation no support till 5/26

SMF For Free

Announcements / Sharing Icons
« on: May 15, 2014, 02:23:21 pm »
Added new sharing icons to the first post of topics.
You can now easily share on facebook, twitter and google+
In addition the facebook like option was moved next to the sharing icons.
Also it shows the total number of shares for a topic.

SMF For Free

Announcements / Downloads Addon Updated
« on: October 04, 2013, 10:55:01 pm »
We have updated the Downloads Addon on SMF For Free hosted forums
The download system allows you to host files and charge members for downloads.

Complete list of changes for 3.0 listed below:
+Added unviewed downloads link in the menu bar to see which downloads you have not seen before.
+Added List All link to the main downloads page blocks
+Added related downloads to display on the bottom of each download page.
+Added Last download file link and post information on category/subcategory display
+Added checkbox approve/delete comments on the approve comments page
+Updated html markup style to improve display
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Image thumbnail in main page blocks now links to the download
+Facebook meta data added when sharing downloads
+Better navigation links added in places around the downloads system
!If medium image does not exist show the fullsize image
!Fixed issue when changing the category in downloads system kept redirecting to the same category
!Fixed searching in other languages using special characters

Announcements / Classifieds and Store addons updated!
« on: September 20, 2013, 10:21:59 pm »
We have updated our classifieds and store addons for all forums that are using!
The classifieds system is auction/listing system for your forum and the store is an eCommerce system to sell physical and digital products.
Both are included in the ultimate plan or can be purchased  separate for your forum.

SMF For Free

Classifieds Changes:
+Quantity’s now supported for fixed price listings. You can now sell the same item multiple times in one listing.
+Added simple relist system. One click preloads all previous listing/auction information into a new auction/listing.
+MyFeedback area if trader system is enabled. Lists all feedback that the user has left or received.
+Updated html markup style to improve display in other styles
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+Added notification system via emails for listings requiring approval and comments waiting approval
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Added checkbox approve/delete listings/comments on the comment approval and listing approval page
!Expire date now starts from the approval date of the listing.
!No longer show bid number on listing category display areas for listings that are not auctions.
+Membergroup link color added though the classifieds system
+New Select box custom field type for categories
+Added an option to store the paypal address when adding a listing/auction for future use.
+Added link to buyer in seller pm sent on buy it now
!Made sure currency is included in buy/sell/bid pm's
!Fixed return to listing link on buy it now pages.

Store Changes:
+Updated html markup style to improve display in other styles
+Added setting on view item only to show membergroup price options only if better than the item's price
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+Added shipping condition based on weight.
+Added checkbox approve/delete comments on the approve comments page
+Better formatting of GBP pricing
+Added default currency select setting used when adding a new product
+Added better copyright removal purchase system
!Fixed bug with meta description for facebook property not escaping quotes correctly
!Fixed price on wishlist page to allow showing custom membergroup price
!You can now search for hidden transactions
!Fixed issue with multiple pages for the myproducts area.

Announcements / Faster Forums!
« on: June 02, 2013, 04:22:17 pm »
Faster Loading Forums!

Made a change to all images/static content on all SMF For Free forums.
The content is now hosted on a content delivery networks using a global network of edge locations, located near your end users in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America.

What this means now is sites will load faster no matter where the user is located.

SMF For Free

We will be changing server providers over the next couple of days.
There maybe some downtime while the changeover occurs.
Custom domain users will need to update ip's will let you know once I have them.
Also forums will be slow while the changeover occurs.

SMF For Free

Announcements / Gallery System Updated
« on: March 28, 2013, 10:49:03 pm »
We have updated the gallery system on all hosted forum websites.

Changes below
+Added Auto Tweeting main category setting for items posted in a category
+New image effects system.  Effects including the following: Blemish, Brightness, Contrast, Crop, Draw, Effects, Enhance, Orientation, Redeye, Resize, Saturation, Sharpness, Stickers, Text, Warmth, White
+Added setting to create a default personal category gallery for a user the first time they visit the gallery
+Added notification system for gallery admins on pictures waiting approval,  comments waiting approval, reported comments and pictures.
+Added checkboxes for gallery admins on image listing page to do bulk operations such as delete, unapprove, move images.
+Total Favorites and who favorited added to the view picture/media page if you have the favorite system enabled
+Added member group color links to many areas of the gallery
+Added gallery navigation bar/tabs to report picture, report comment, view ratings, and view viewers pages
+Added Facebook Like Button as a sharing option on the view picture page
+Added option to search exif make and model
+Added new setting on add/edit category to post to a specific topic when enabling the autopost features for a main category
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+Added checkbox approve/delete comments on the approve comments page
!Fixed paging sorting on the user gallery list page
!Updated the facebook sharing code to a different format to fix issues since facebook changed how sharing works.
!Fixed some possible errors with the download item feature
!Fixed deprecated function call in watermark for text
!Adjusted rating average on main category sort view
!Top Rated blocks now go by ratingaverage desc, totalratings desc
!Fixed main gallery menu in chrome was bunched. Now aligned on the left handside
!Fixed listall to use (p.rating / p.totalratings ) AS ratingaverage  for the sort order
!Fixed possible error log with th exif read data function
+Added download item option under Admin -> Settings -> Layout Settings
+Added option under layout settings to view unviewed items in the menu button/tab
!Fixed bug with category totals/changing post content on edit picture.
!Fixed bug with related images going too wide if set more than four. Now creates a new row.
+Added title option to recent blocks/image listing uses the layout setting to show or not
+Added settings to control picture min height,width
!Hide the addpicture/bulk upload links on category view if permissions do not allow it.

SMF For Free

Announcements / Updated Tapatalk
« on: July 17, 2012, 08:05:18 pm »
Have updated tapatalk on all forums with the latest version and can be used with their iphone/android app.

New updates for attachment space upgrades.

We have added a new 1gig in attachment/gallery space upgrade.

We have also increased the amount of space given for the old attachment space upgrades.
25mb changed to 250mb
100mb changed to 500mb

These upgrades can be found in the upgrade link in the footer of your forum or in your forum's admin area.

SMF For Free

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