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General Support / Users cannot register... I cannot logout...
« on: March 02, 2014, 06:00:52 am »
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I installed 2.0.7 and the installer ran through OK. Got to the end no problem, created admin account.

Now, when I go to the forum, I can surf around, see the welcome message etc but whenever I try to do anything like delete the welcome message, create a new topic, or logout etc, nothing happens.

Any ideas as to what might have went wrong? I thought the installer would complain if there were permission issues.  I even looked at the webserver logs but I can't see any errors?

As a test I wanted to try sign up as a user, but I could not logout as admin.  So, I fired up Firefox (normally I use Chrome), and tried to register as a new user.  I get to the 'Registration Agreement' but it won't let me pass.  I just keep clicking 'I accept the terms of the agreement' but for whatever reason, this is not being stored.

I checked the MySQL permissions and the user has all privs.  The hosting is at Bluehost.

Would love to get this working!

Thanks again,


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