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oh okay xD.... i guess the ''GLOW'' and the ''SHADOW'' codes arent working :/ :uglystupid2:

okay xD so i got it working :D but i want to know something ;p

do the BBCodes work for example this code :D or this one ;D

thank you :D

sorry for gravedigging,again.
but in the new SMF version : 2.0.6
i cant seem to find the header/footer.
i used global headers & footers mod but it did not work.
please help :P

cheers :D.

Thanks for the info sibyl.

cheers :D

Stylesheet Requests and Support / request for a Runescape ''Theme''
« on: January 10, 2014, 08:04:36 am »

*im new to this forum so if this is not the right topic could im sorry in edvance  :))

SMF Forum version: 2.0.6

okay, so i would like a nice theme for my SMF forum.
the theme would be RuneScape related.
if there is any theme out there that you know about could you please share it with me? :p
also if some talented individuals out there should decide to make one could you messege me in this topic or PM?
Thank you for your help and time.

Hai.... sorry for gravedigging.. but....
im new to this  :D
so could anyone please tell me how to locate the ''HEADER'' and ''FOOTER''
xD thank you if anyone helps  ;D

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