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General Support / Re: I have few questions
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:23:44 am »
I said already that I know how to give badges... :P
But I didn't know how to take... Well, it was on the past.... ;)

But my problem wasn't solved at all.....
I am still waiting that moderator or any other person will answer on my new questions that I wrote.....

General Support / Re: Need Help With Invite Friends Tab
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:54:55 pm »
Admin  >>  Forum >>  Edit Invite Friends Settings

General Support / Re: I have few questions
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:45:00 pm »
Thanks :)
about the give badges, I know, I gave myself already all the badges.... :P

Suggestions / Re: I have 2 suggestions
« on: June 28, 2012, 04:48:42 pm »
Again, not "Administrators", only me, the owner of the forum.
I am sure that there are people that dont know about it, or maybe they don't want to report.
We can trust everybody.
Maybe someone say that if they come to their forum, they will be on the staff or something like that, so the other one may not report...

General Support / Re: Need Help With Invite Friends Tab
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:30:56 am »
I don't remember because I did it before few weeks....
I can try to look.

Suggestions / Re: I have 2 suggestions
« on: June 26, 2012, 04:14:44 pm »
The first would be a violation of user privacy.

No one get me here?
If they want private, so they can use facebook, skype, email etc.
How can I know if someone is advertsing if I can't read others PMs?
It should be permission on the "Permissions" ....

Suggestions / I have 2 suggestions
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:06:55 am »
I have 2 suggestions.
The first, is a system for the memberg group of the owners of the forum, that will give the option to read PMs.
I think that it's really importnat, maybe someone can advertise on PM, Insult on PM without someone knows how to report on it, etc....
The 2nd is giving more permissions....
I thought about that, that we can make POSTS (not like boards) and we can choose the member groups and the people who will be able to see the posts, and even deciding who can reply, and who can't....

General Support / Re: I have few questions
« on: June 25, 2012, 07:36:09 pm »
How to put system that gives warning to people....

That's not built in to the system, but you can set one up via a code found here:
Warning System Code


I would like to know how to create chatbox with the forum, when im going to the tab it says me that i didnt enable it, but i dont know how.

Are you talking about the EzPortal Shoutbox? If so that can be enabled via EzPortal > Settings. There is also an answer to where you can get a chatbox in the General Support FAQ:
Q: Where can I get a shoutbox?

First of all, that you will know, I have MySMF forum.
I am talking about the settings, where there is "Chat" it's written that the chat room is disabled, so How can I enable it??.....
I have already chatbox from the that I put on the headers and footers, but I want the chatbox of the forum......

I would like to know if there is way to edit the home page, because its empty for me, and putting there stuffs like:
Top Posters, Recent Posts, User Info that shows few info about yourself, like your posts, your picture, your name, what is your rank, how many PMs you got and some more things.... I want that there will be on the "HOME" page or "PORTAL" , doesnt metter the name also:

That can be done with the EzPortal system that is built-in to the forums. See the EzPortal Guide for help on setting that up.


Who's Online list that shows  Guests
 Hidden Users
 Users Online:
List of the users that online etc
Board Stats
Forum Staff
Top Boards
(Name of the board:
Topics:    |||  Posts:   )
Recent Topics that will show the board of the topic, the name of the topic, the name of the writer of the topic, and the time it was written
And even the news.......

It should do that already? Not sure what you're asking for here.

I can't find the "Forum Stuff" But you already answered me the link for the guide of the Portal for the blocks....
all the other thing, should be at the "Home" Tab too, but as already i wrote, you already helped me with that.

I know that there is option to see all the activities of Moderation's things, like locking and moving topics, but I would like to see something that shows what administrators did, like banning people, and editing important things on the forum, like the members group, or manage styles, or any other thing that it isn't Moderation action.

Admin > Moderation Log (under Maintenance)
You probably tried to answer the fastest as you can and you didnt read what I wrote, or you just didn't understand....... I said you already that I know about the moderation log, but I want *Administration* Log, that will show activites of adminisrations, like as I said, banning people, editing board, permissions, etc...

I would like to know how to have system that shows actions of all the people too, if they sent PM and to who, if they locked their own topic, or even if they replied to any post....

That is shown in the Moderator Log. There's no way to see who sent a PM to who... That's just creepy.

Seeing who replied to a post is in plain sight on the forum index.


I would like to have a system that will allow me to read PMs that others send to others it will really help me....

Invasion of privacy. They're called PRIVATE messages for a reason.
You probably don't know what is my forum for, but the is forum for SA-MP server if you heard about it.....
On the samp, all the owners highest level can read PMs.
I think that reading PMs should be just for the Owner of the forum. Owner of the forum should know everything.
It's importnat to see if someone is advertising, insulting, etc......

I would like to know how to create redirect board too!

You would have to insert HTML into the board name. To do this, navigate to Admin > Boards, either click Modify if you want to make an existing board a redirect board, or click the Add Board button. Insert this into the Board Name text field:
Code: [Select]
<a href="URL LINK GOES HERE">TITLE OF THE BOARD GOES HERE" target="_blank"></a>
The _blank as target makes it open in a new tab. You can take out that part if you want the link to open in the current tab as their browser.[/b]

Thank you so much :D
I always wanted to know how to create redirect board.....

And there is any way to change the link of my forum?
For example, if its so to change it something like, or any other thing.....

Once the board is created with that link it cannot be changed. The only way you can change the URL is if you purchase a domain and park it here.

Domain? Park?
I thought that we can park only vehicles...... o_O
Nvm, it isn't so much important for me......

I have more question..... I put board for Member group only, but I want that more member that he isnt on this member group will see it, and i dont want to put him on this group, and I dont want to put him as moderator of the board.

Make it so more groups can see the board and move him to one of them... If you have to make one just for him.
OK, I understood.....
If I put this member, as "Moderator" of the board, but his member group can't see the board, he will still be able to see the board? I know that I said that I don't want to make him, but I will take care of that....

I would like to see guid for the colours of the member groups too....

Colors of member groups? What do you mean by this? Just change the colors of membergroups? This can be done via Admin > Membergroups, click Modify and you can edit the color there. There isn't really a guide for this.

Yes, but I saw that there are a lot of kinds of colors, like there is gray 20% and gray 80%, and I saw that there is light red with numbers and something like that.... I looked for guide by myself, and this guide is good one? :

I have more question............ I want to make TOPIC, that only few members will be able to SEE it.... How can I do it??.....

You can't.

>.< I think that few permissions should be added to the SMF, I will probably suggest it......

And, how can I change the time of the forum too??.....

Admin > Features and Options

I need guide that will show me what can I do on the "ARCADE" thing please.......

Arcade Guide


I would like that everybody will be able to see on the page of the forum, down, all the Ranks that there are on the forum with their colors.......

You mean a member legend? There are 2 codes that can do this, you may use the one you find more suitable:

Member Legend - HTML
Member Legend under Users Online -- this one may be a little more simple, I recommend this one.

Really thanks :)
Yes, I think that the 2nd will be the one, because this is what I mean to say, Members Legend under Users Online...

"MODEATOR" tab only possible for new forums on

What??.... I tried to do "" and the link didn't work for me.....
I mean moderator tab, when moderators can see who reported on post, who is on the watch list about warnings, and some more things.....

Thanks for all the help :D

By the way, I have more few questions....

-Can you give me a good guide, that you offer me, about the gallery??.....

-There is any way that I can edit the names of the tabs I have? For example, changing the name of "My Messages" to "Messages" ....

-I am not so much good with the new system of the Badges... Can someone tell me please how can I *Take* someone's badge??....

-Is there a limit of numbers of people that can be moderators on the same board??....

-How can I know if member group is "Administrator" \ "Moderator" \ "Regular Member" etc... for example, on the Maintenance Mode, only administrators can login, and I dont know who is what... because I changed all the names and the permissions...

-I would like if someone post here good guide that explains of the permissions......

-Can I change how the "No New Post" and "New Posts" will look like??.....

-I know that we can do only +20% for people on warning. There isn't any way to do more?

Thoose all my questions that I got now....
Thank's for the people who helped, and thank's for the people who will help.

General Support / Re: Need Help With Invite Friends Tab
« on: June 22, 2012, 09:25:01 am »
The Invite Friends Tab Works Good For Me...

General Support / Re: the badge
« on: June 21, 2012, 07:39:37 am »
You can go to the edit badge, and it will write the discription about the badge you want.

Suggestions / Re: Trouble Shooter Guides
« on: June 19, 2012, 07:14:00 pm »
I learned few things from the help that I got, and I know things about the SMF...
If no one from the moderators or administrators have time to answer you and help you, you can send me PM here and ask me things...

General Support / Re: I have few questions
« on: June 16, 2012, 06:40:06 pm »
I love you.

General Support / Re: 2 requests
« on: June 16, 2012, 11:23:18 am »
Thank's. :)

General Support / Re: I have few questions
« on: June 13, 2012, 02:41:23 pm »
Please any moderator \ administrator , or any other one that can, please help me!!!!!
I really need your help.
I DONT have questions any more excpet from thoose.....
People who know a lot about this SMF, like the administrators and the moderators, it will take for them about few minuets to answer, because it should be easy for them.
I really need your help please!!!

(I am really sorry on my double posting, but I really NEED HELP!)

General Support / Re: the badge
« on: June 13, 2012, 07:33:26 am »
I saw much like this suggestion

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