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General Support / My forum was Hacked and has now been Abandoned
« on: November 11, 2019, 10:01:33 pm »
1. Ten years ago I founded the Art-Music Forum, and I am still its owner.
My forum was reasonably successful and there were no complaints.

2. Last year a clever hacker deceptively posted falsehoods here, and hoodwinked SMF staff so that they deleted my Admin account.


The hacker uses the names Cairnwell, Dundonnell and Colin.

3. SMF staff have at no time consulted me or informed me about this action, and I  have found it impossible to make any kind of contact with them. I do not understand how this can be. It all seems very wrong.

4. Since then the hacker Cairnwell - Dundonnell - Colin has deleted many members' posts, banned me from my own forum, and even banned my IP address.

5. Recently, usng a proxy, I  looked at the forum, and I discovered that the hacker has now abandoned it and has not been seen there for the past three monts.

Where's Colin?
on: November 02, 2019, 10:20:55 pm
Inactive here for three months now, apparently.

Anyone know why?

Did I miss an explanation?

Not surprisingly, the forum is almost moribund without him.

end quote

There appears to be no admin and my forum is in terminal decline.

6. Please can I have my forum back. I have many plans for its expansion over the next ten years.

General Support / Locked out of my own forum
« on: January 21, 2019, 12:01:18 am »
I am the founder and owner for ten years of the Art-Music Forum ( But I have been locked out of my own forum!

In a thread entitled "Administration Password", full of falsehoods, Cairnwell writes that he has "now changed the password". This was impossible because I was the only person who knew the password for the Admin account. So what really happened? The only way he could have "changed the password" is by some hacking or trickery.

Ever since that day (1st October) I have been unable to log on either as Admin or as Sydney Grew. My IP address has been banned and when I try to re-register I am told I am a "known spammer". Known by whom?

It should not be possible for a forum owner of ten years standing to be locked out in this way. Please can something be done to restore my rights?

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