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Suggestions / I have 2 suggestions
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:06:55 am »
I have 2 suggestions.
The first, is a system for the memberg group of the owners of the forum, that will give the option to read PMs.
I think that it's really importnat, maybe someone can advertise on PM, Insult on PM without someone knows how to report on it, etc....
The 2nd is giving more permissions....
I thought about that, that we can make POSTS (not like boards) and we can choose the member groups and the people who will be able to see the posts, and even deciding who can reply, and who can't....

General Support / 2 requests
« on: June 10, 2012, 09:52:47 am »
1. PLEASE read this topic and try to help me:

2. what?! I entered to my forum, and its on creation mode.
When I entered it was written to me:
"Table 'mysmf.antesworldoffun_badgeawards_badges' doesn't exist
File: C:\sites\mysmf\Sources\badgeawards.php
Line: 2313

SHOW COLUMNS FROM antesworldoffun_badgeawards_badges"

Can someone please help me fix it?! :(

General Support / I have few questions
« on: June 07, 2012, 10:27:47 am »
Hello, my name is player and I am new with creating forum here.
I really love this webiste and I would like to know more few things please.
I didn't look on all the topics because there are TONS of them and I don't know where to start to look, so I prefer to write topic, and see if someone can help me or give me link for the guide.....
I am looking for:
How to put system that gives warning to people....
How to create the "MODEATOR" tab, that the moderators can see all moderator's stuffs, like who is warned and more few things.
I would like to know how to create chatbox with the forum, when im going to the tab it says me that i didnt enable it, but i dont know how.
I would like to know if there is way to edit the home page, because its empty for me, and putting there stuffs like:
Top Posters, Recent Posts, User Info that shows few info about yourself, like your posts, your picture, your name, what is your rank, how many PMs you got and some more things.... I want that there will be on the "HOME" page or "PORTAL" , doesnt metter the name also:
Who's Online list that shows  Guests
 Hidden Users
 Users Online:
List of the users that online etc
Board Stats
Forum Staff
Top Boards
(Name of the board:
Topics:    |||  Posts:   )
Recent Topics that will show the board of the topic, the name of the topic, the name of the writer of the topic, and the time it was written
And even the news.......

I would like to know more few stuffs:
I know that there is option to see all the activities of Moderation's things, like locking and moving topics, but I would like to see something that shows what administrators did, like banning people, and editing important things on the forum, like the members group, or manage styles, or any other thing that it isn't Moderation action.
I would like to know how to have system that shows actions of all the people too, if they sent PM and to who, if they locked their own topic, or even if they replied to any post....
I would like to have a system that will allow me to read PMs that others send to others it will really help me....
I would like to know how to create redirect board too!
And there is any way to change the link of my forum?
For example, if its so to change it something like, or any other thing.....
I have more question..... I put board for Member group only, but I want that more member that he isnt on this member group will see it, and i dont want to put him on this group, and I dont want to put him as moderator of the board.
Any way I can do it that he will see the board??....
I would like to see guid for the colours of the member groups too....
I have more question............ I want to make TOPIC, that only few members will be able to SEE it.... How can I do it??.....
And, how can I change the time of the forum too??.....
I need guide that will show me what can I do on the "ARCADE" thing please.......
I would like that everybody will be able to see on the page of the forum, down, all the Ranks that there are on the forum with their colors.......


Thoose are all my questions, requests, and the things that I need help on them.
First, thank's for reading my topic, and please try to help me.
Thank's about the help from the people who will help, if someone will........

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