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General Support / Locked out of my own forum
« on: January 21, 2019, 12:01:18 am »
I am the founder and owner for ten years of the Art-Music Forum ( But I have been locked out of my own forum!

In a thread entitled "Administration Password", full of falsehoods, Cairnwell writes that he has "now changed the password". This was impossible because I was the only person who knew the password for the Admin account. So what really happened? The only way he could have "changed the password" is by some hacking or trickery.

Ever since that day (1st October) I have been unable to log on either as Admin or as Sydney Grew. My IP address has been banned and when I try to re-register I am told I am a "known spammer". Known by whom?

It should not be possible for a forum owner of ten years standing to be locked out in this way. Please can something be done to restore my rights?

General Support / Re: Administration Password
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:11:05 am »
I'm getting desperate about recovering my forum. Over the past nine years I have put a lot of work into setting it up and maintaining it. It should not be left in its present hacked and stolen condition. Even though I am the forum owner, my personal account has been deleted and my IP address has been banned.

Before 1 October the password to the Admin account was known only by me. Some one must have hacked it, and that is not right. Let me be quite clear: I am the founder and owner of the forum. I have run it for nine years and no one else is authorised to run it. Please, please, can something be done to reset the Admin account for me and restore the forum to its authorised state?

Thanks for any help you can give!

General Support / Re: Administration Password
« on: December 07, 2018, 01:14:59 am »
I am the founder  (in 2009) and owner of the artmusic forum mentioned here.

It is quite untrue that I "wished to retire from my duties". Far from it.

At the end of September my administrator account had a password set by me. No one else knew it.

On 2nd October or thereabouts my administrator account was hacked and the password was changed.

This would not have been done by SMF staff, as they would be obliged to consult me and obtain my advice. So the password must have been changed by some one using some hacking tool.

Since then the fellow writing here as "Cairnwell" has been posing as administrator using the stolen account.

He has not only refused to tell me the hacked password and how he hacked it, but he has also banned me from my own forum, and even banned my IP address. Also he has been deletng many posts by other people.

How can I recover control of my wrecked forum?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance - and
I hope I have posted this in a suitable place.
Sydney Grew

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