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Hi SMF.   I made a change in my username and I was asked to reset my password.  SMF sent me a new password via automated message mentioning I can change the password later.  But when I changed it, I still cannot login with it.  I can only login with the one sent by SMF.  Can you please advise how I can choose my own password. 

I am attaching a screenshot of the admin page.   I entered my new chosen password in the 'choose password' and 'verify password' boxes. And then in the 'current password box' do I enter the password sent by SMF ?

SMF For Free:
In the email did you enter your new2 password from the link


The automated email came from SMF.   But now after trying for a while I got it.  I entered the new password in the box "Choose password" and "Verify password" and then, in the box "current password" I entered the one sent by SMF.    So now my chosen new password is accepted.  Hope it stays that way.  Thanks for the quick response SMF.


--- Quote from: SMF For Free on October 28, 2021, 12:33:02 am ---In the email did you enter your new2 password from the link

--- End quote ---

I did not go through the email link, I saw that just now after reading your message.  I guess that was the reason it was accepting.  My mistake, apology. 

SMF For Free:
No worries glad you have it sorted.


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