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Author Topic: Tips for Using Support  (Read 629 times)

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Tips for Using Support
« on: March 11, 2008, 02:25:04 pm »
*reposted from the General FAQ*

Tips for Using Support

1. Help us to help you.   
      When leaving a support question tell us everything we need to know to help you out.
      If there was an error tell us step by step what happened.   Show us screenshots, give us
      any information you can.  "Help! I have a problem with my forum" , "it won't work"  does
      not help us to help you.

2. Leave your forum url.   
     We sometimes need to check your forum to help you with the problem.
     You will notice when typing a post there is a place to put in your forums url.
      a:  If you are on smfforfree,    smfforfree2,  smfforfree3,  smfforfree4 use the dropdown box.
             Be sure you have chosen the correct extension in the dropdown box:
             Do not put in your entire url.  Put ONLY the name of your forum.. the part before smfforfree.
      b:  If you are on freesmfhosting or mysmf or another service hosted by SMF for FREE
             Do not use the box and dropdown - type your url in the post. 

3. Do a search
     Use the Support forums search feature.   Many questions/answers are already here.

4. Check the Guide Indexes.
     There is an index pinned to the top of:
     Guides & Tutorials - lists all Guides and Tuts
     Stylesheet Codes and Help - lists all Stylesheets
     SMF for Free Codes - lists all codes
     The links to them are at the end of this FAQ as well.

5. When leaving a support question please make the Subject of your post reflect the problem.
     It will help others who may be searching for an answer to the same problem.  They won't find it if
     you put  "What is this?"  or "Oh my God"  or "I need help"  in the Subject line. 

Helpful links here at SMF for Free:

Guides and Tutorials Index
SMF Codes Index
Stylesheet Index
Holiday Stylesheets
SMF for Free - Terms of Use
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