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I don't recall caring one way or the other while initially creating my past two forums..  But this time will take much more research and time in putting my next idea together for another forum.

What do I need to do for making sure this new one does not appear online until I am ready ?

SMF For Free:
To do this, when creating a forum.  Go to Admin -> Forum Settings
And enable Maintenance Mode.  That way the forum won't be visible to members. When ready you can uncheck the feature then the site will be online for all.

Thank you...  :)

If I remember correctly, you are not offering the same SMF for Free software that I have used in the past ?  I should maybe start using the Create a Forum support boards ?

Is the original SMF for Free software still available ? Just kind of sucks a little to go through the learning curve for the "new to me" software..

SMF For Free:
The original software is no longer available. It is still very similar and has many new features.   For forums post on


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