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General Support FAQ
« on: May 09, 2007, 08:57:34 pm »
This Support forum is for forums hosted by SMF for Free only.  

General Support FAQ    

Q: Can I transfer my forum from one server to another?
A: Forums cannot be transfered from one server to another.

Q: How do I change the URL of my forum?
A: There is no option to change the URL of your forum
    You can  buy a domain name and park it on SMF for Free.
    Information/setup is in Admin>Domain Manager.
    IMPORTANT:   Do NOT use the Domain Manger if you have not purchased a domain name AND followed all the steps.

Q: Can I get a database backup?
A:  We can provide you a database backup for a fee of 50.00
     This should be only for those who have experience with this as we do not provide support for using the backup.
     You will need to seek advice for that via

Q:  How do I change my forum's name
A:  Admin > Forum Settings > Forum Title

Q: How do I delete my forum?
A: You can't delete your forum.
1.Put it in Maintenance Mode and leave it. (Admin/Forum Settings/checkmark in Maintenance Mode/Save)
2. Delete all of the posts - its a trigger to remove the forum.

Q: How do I put my forum into Maintenance Mode?
A: Admin/Forum Settings/checkmark in Maintenance Mode/Save

Q: How do I upload Smileys to my forum?
A: Uploading Smileys is an Upgrade Option.  
     Click the Upgrade This Forum link at the bottom of your forum or Adfree & Upgrades inside your Admin Panel.

Q:  Can I use the smileys that are here at Support?
A:   How to use the smileys you see here at support

Q:  I use a .tk or url and I keep getting logged out of my forum.   Why?
A:   If you have cloaking or masking turn ON you will have problems with your forum.   Turn off cloaking or masking.

Q: Can I change some of the images ? (new post, no new post, etc.)
A: Admin/Manage Styles/Customize Images

Q: How do I put a banner on my forum?
A: Admin/Custom Theme/Logo Image URL
    Put the direct link to the image in the box.  
Q: How can I center my banner?
A: Admin/Manage Styles/Edit Header/Footer
    In your header put:   <div style="text-align: center;"><img src="Your banner url" alt="" /></div>

Q:  How do I put a background on my forum?
A:  see: How to Put a Background on Your Forum

Q: Where can I get skins/styles?
A: see:  Stylesheet Index

Q: What is SMF for Free's real name?
A: SMF heh

Q: How do I stop Guests from Viewing Boards?
A: Admin/Forum/Boards
    Modify Boards you do not want Guests to see:   Uncheck Guests

Q:  Can I use my own rank images?
A:  See here:  How to use your own Rank Images
Q: How do I change the time on my forum?
A: Admin/Features and Options:  Look for Overall Time Offset
    Use this option to specify a time difference (in hours) - Negative and decimal values are permitted

Q: How do I add Quick Reply?
A: AdminCP/Current Theme/Reset Options---Click "Reset default (guest) options for this theme"
    Where it says "Use quick reply on topic display choose:   "show, on by default"  then Save
    Then click "Remove all members' options and use the defaults" Ok

Q: How do I email all Members
A: Newsletters are an Upgrade Option.  
    Click the Upgrade This Forum link at the bottom of your forum or Adfree & Upgrades inside your Admin Panel.

Q: How do I add Mods to my forum?
A: You can't add Mods to your forum yourself, sorry.

Q: How do I make somebody Admin or Moderator on my forum?
A: The Members Profile/Account Related Settings
    Change their "Primary Membergroup" to Admin or Global Moderator.
    Board moderators -  Admin > Boards > Modify the Board > add the persons name in the
    box across from Moderator.

Q: Where can I get a shoutbox?

Q:  What do I do if my forum is taken over by another Admin:
A:   SMF for Free Policy:   If you give others Administrative access you do so at your own risk.
       We do not get involved in inner-forum battles/take overs.   You will have to deal with this
       on your own with the member(s) involved.

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