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SMF For Free:
If you enjoy this service and want to help out our hosting costs you can either donate or buy ad free credits for your forum.
Any bit helps us in getting to our goal. So if you are able to you can donate and help us out.

Current server hardware costs per month:
Total: $2290.10

SMF For Free:
One donation so far for $10 Thank you! $390 to go!

SMF For Free:
Another Donation $25 recieved! $365 to go!

Thanks all

SMF For Free:
Another $10 donation recieved! $355 to go


SMF For Free:
Thanks got another $10 donation $345 to go.

You may have noticed I bought the server anyway cause I couldn't wait anymore and wanted to improve service. Still is costing money though since I now have two servers to pay for each month for SMF For Free


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