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simply sibyl:
forum urls with this service are that way as they are sub-domains and the naming denotes the server they are located on  (,, etc)   You can not change the url.  You can buy a domain name  (thru a domain host) and park your domain on your forum as I said earlier.

As to who owns the net?    (its not Al Gore)  lol..... read this or do a Google Search for "Who Owns the Net"  You will find tons of information.
Brief timeline of the internet:

Can I get subdomains? like How?

simply sibyl:
To park on your SMF for Free forum?   No.   It will not work.

As I said a few posts back -  the domain name can not contain two dots in it... it has to be,,, etc. 

we are getting way off topic

I love that Website. :smitten:


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