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Every time anyone logs in to my forum and every time anyone tries to post something we get a red amber alert page with a lot of information that has to be closed out in order to do anything in the forum, It's very annoying and inconvenient. Is there anything that can be done about this? Help please.

SMF For Free:
Strange did you install this code in your headers/footers?

I'm sorry to be so computer dumb. I'm an administer of the forum but did not set it up. I don't know if that code has been installed and don't even know what "headers/footers" is.

Is a header or footer like a scroll line at the top or bottom of the main page? There used to be one about amber alerts but it's gone now, and since I didn't create our5 forum I have no idea how to installed the code. Can you help?

SMF For Free:
It is found in the Admin -> Style Manager -> Headers and Footers


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