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Author Topic: Introductory thread and also not sure thread  (Read 5120 times)

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Introductory thread and also not sure thread
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:13:43 am »
The not sure part is just in case if someone wanted to discuss XBox 360 and SMF for free support in a thread but was not sure where to post such a thread, he or she or they can post in this thread and not put discussions in wrong forums as threads.

Anywho about me:

N. USA = North United States of America

& = and

Name: Jason

Where I was born: N. USA

Where I live: N. USA

Where I am from: N. USA

How I found out about this message board:
Google search engine

Ranking #1: through #5: favorite search engine:

#1: Google search engine

#2: Ask search engine

#3: Blekko search engine

#4: Bing search engine

#5: Yahoo search engine

Most favorite video game: Mega Man IV for Nintendo Entertainment System

Most favorite movie: Rocky V

GML stands for Game Maker Language

Favorite GML:
Code: [Select]
if (awesomest_hp = 1)
  hp -= 12;
which means that is awesomest_hp is equal to 1 hp gets reduced by 12.

ZC stands for Zelda Classic

Favorite programs I downloaded, use etc.: Game Maker 7.0, Game Maker 6.1, Game Maker 6.0, Game Maker 5.3, Game Maker Studio, Game Maker 7.1, Game Maker 8.0, Game Maker 8.1, ZC 2.5, ZC 1.83, ZC 1.84, ZC 2.10 etc.

Most favorite sport: fishing

Least favorite sport: tennis

An awesomest GML help as well as an awesomest ZC help is taught in this thread which is named Introductory thread and also not sure thread

An awesomest ZC tip I have: When you use ZQuest be sure to add cheats to make your quest easier to beat.


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