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Author Topic: I'm very sorry. Please un ban my IP  (Read 1248 times)

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I'm very sorry. Please un ban my IP
« on: May 17, 2007, 02:32:37 pm »
You have place a ban on my IP, but the truth is, I don't understand why. My friend was at my house yesterday, and he wanted to make an SMF For Free forum, So I let him on my computer he made it, then we made boards. I didn't realize your website was copyrighted, and it's all my fualt my IP is banned, but please, it was not intentional. You can do anything you want, but please don't ban me. I love your service and I like to help people here on the support forums, and it may seem far fetched, but my stor is true. Please, warn me or do something except for ban me, mute me for a few days, or suspend me from making new forums, but please! don't ban my IP. I am sorry I even became a member on his forums, he tried to explain, but he wasn't clear, he is right next to me he says he is sorry too. I will never let him on this sight when he is at my house again (we're at his house). Once again, i'm sorry, and if you wish to send me an e-mail to tell me the results of what you think (i will only be here for a little while) my email adress is...

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Re: I'm very sorry. Please un ban my IP
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2007, 04:32:11 pm »
Hey, I'm sure we can attempt to work something out here.

However, it would be best if we could figure something out in private. I or another moderator will e-mail you at next chance.
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