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Author Topic: Epicurus!  (Read 37278 times)

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« on: June 30, 2011, 04:30:54 pm »
Epicurus is a RSPS ( private server). It is the best one out. It has all the things you ever wanted.


TWO WORLDS! Economical world and a PK world!
PvP Armor/Curses released
New F-Keys
Unique features
Great stability
No dupes
24/7 vps hosted


Chaotic Long-Sword
Full Drops AND RANDOM PvP Drops too!
Statuette Drops - worth x10 of  values
PJ Timer
Clue Scrolls and great rewards!
Name changing
Turmoil/Soul Split, with proper effects
Quick, optional tutorial.
Auto-Forum-Donator System
Grand Exchange system
Highscores System
Auto-Donator System
Auto-Forum-Donator System
Scrolling Interfaces!
Top level bug support.
Not too economical, but not spawn-server. Great combo!
100% drop party room
Puzzle boxes
Unique starter packs
Spirit shields with proper effects, i.e:
Divine: Always reduces 30% of damage, taking 5% of the 30% from your Prayer.
Elysian: 70% chance of reducing 25% damage taken.
Perfect xlogging fix
Oldschool 317 graphics
Duel arena
Pk leaderboards
Account recovery
Godwars bosses
Unique donor system
Slayer points
Perfect, revamped banking
Revamped PvP System
Revamped PvM System
Perfect, revamped shopping
Perfect private messaging
All private chat options work properly
Pest control
Slayer points
All skillcape emotes work
Perfect combat
Amazing pking
Buy 50, sell 50
No rollbacks
Pest control
Donator crown changing system
All skills are trainable
Item dropping works properly.
Automatic donation with automatic item delivery and forum ranking.
Pk points and pk point store.

New weapons:

Dragon claws
Chaotic maul
Chaotic rapier
Vesta longsword
Statius warhammer
All godswords
Staff of light
Chaotic mail

New armour:



Epicurus now has 2 worlds.  EO (epicurus original) and EPK (Epicurus Player Killing). EO is an economic skilling/pking world. EPK is a pking world.

Pictures of this server!
Thats our webclient/client
Thats the starter package for EPK.

What is the EPK world?

EPK (Epicurus PK) is a second world added to the Epicurus server.
This world is in no way affected by the Epicurus Original, players will have different stats/banks depending on what world they gain them on.
The seperate worlds economies are completely unaffected by the other, EPK has an easier economy so that making money is faster as it allows players to buy better, more enhanced gear to provide an overall more fun PKing experience.

PK videos:


Starter Pack which contains accessories for PKing (incl. Capes, Boots, Pots, Food, Barrage Rules) & 75M cash to buy main gear
Level Setting. You can now set your combat levels to whatever you wish!
Thieving Stalls for money; 2-3M per steal.
Shops selling specific types of gear (Magic, Ranged, Barrows etc.)
PKP Rewards (Spirit Shieds, Godswords etc.)
ALL Chaotic Melee Weapons are obtainable from PvP drops, but are EXTREMELY rare!
PvP Artifacts dropped ONTOP of the real loots. (Sells for 25X RS value)
Portals which teleport you to popular PK spots.
Most donator items are obtainable and wearable by normal players.
Lottery is DOUBLED! Meaning if there is a 1B pot, it will become 2B!


Drop party demonstration
Puzzle box demonstration
Perfect banking demonstration

Holy crap? You can change your donator crown color?

No... not the GE

No... omg... name changing!!!

Join today!

"Epicurus Contest: Ut Shady"
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Re: Epicurus!
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 07:59:01 pm »
We have around 150 on at a time.

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Re: Epicurus!
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2013, 04:25:10 am »
Question about private sever interest me too .