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Author Topic: Store, Classifieds, and Gallery Updates  (Read 6997 times)

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Store, Classifieds, and Gallery Updates
« on: December 11, 2011, 12:48:21 am »
Updated the Store, Classifieds and Gallery systems for all forums to latest versions.

Store Updates
!Fixed bug with toggle shipping
+Users can add their own products. New permission for users to manage their own products to a category that has the userstore permission. With the Userstore permission they gain two new tabs MyProducts and MyTransactions. MyProducts lists the products the user controls and MyTransactions lists any purchases/orders that were made from their products.
+Improved search engine results in google using microdata for Google complete product information along with rating information This will make your products standout in search results
+Added product options to control the start/end date of an item. Note admin's can still see the item
+Added setting to allow you to display the qty remaining of an item
+Added license code/key next to download link
!Fixed item in stock message on no category display of items
!Fixed bug where a user with the shopping cart could go back to the same item on the product page an add to cart to go past the stock limit
+New currencies supported Brazilian Real,Israeli New Sheqel,Malaysian Ringgit,Mexican Peso,Philippine Peso, Taiwan New Dollar, Thai Baht 
!Fixed bug with free product purchases not passing custom field data
!Fixed duplicate products showing up in main page blocks
!Forgot closing form tag on view transactions page for SMF 1.1.x which led to download error on items to ship view
!Fixed some query issues with the category level permissions
+Added category level permissions for membergroups
+Added option under transactions to hide them.
!Fixed hardcoded colspan column for main page blocks if you have the number items different than 4
+Added simple system to add stock for custom field options. Only handles on a field level. If the custom field item is not in stock it is not shown on the main item page

Classifieds Settings
!Now hide deleted listings from  the my listings page
+Added form check for duplicate listings/auction on submission
+Added setting to setup a default picture under Classifieds Settings -> Layout Settings
!Fixed bug with resizing images in the Classifieds
!In some cases if you have auto accept bidding enabled along with expiring auctions that do not delete a pm could keep on sending to the failed bidder
+Credit system for buying credits for listings/auctions and upgrades. Admins can setup credit packages. Useful for decreasing paypal transaction fees when buying larger dollar amounts for packages
+Added checkall function to the recycle bin listings page
+Added censortext functions to view listing for title/description, and title on listing results page
+Added post ban checks for adding listings/auctions and comments
!If bid increments are used do not allow you to bid less than the increment amount between bids
+Added category column on the unviewed listing page
+Custom Fields can now be shown on category listing display
+Added category permission copy feature
+Added setting to resize images if they are too large
+Added editing of custom fields
!Fixed bug in add listing/add auction button on category view going to category select
+Added online/offline status near member's name on view listing. If online/offline statuses are enabled in SMF
+Added Facebook,Twitter,AddThis sharing icons on view listing page settings
+Added watermark settings for uploaded pictures
+Added new icon in a couple places to indicate if the auction/listing is unviewed
+Added upload form on auction/listing page to add a single picture if image uploads are allowed to make it a little easier.
!Fixed thank you page html display issue.
!Fixed missing from email on ipn emails
+Added navigation tabs in a bunch of places
+Added add listing,add auction links in the top menu bar of the classifieds which will allow users to find the add listing areas easier.
+Added unlimited subcategory listing total counting when you have count subcategories enbabled

Gallery Updates
+Added visual verification on add comment page and quickreply for guests to help with spam issues.
!Fixed manage categories sub category display adding a numeric value after the category title
!Deleting category level permission now takes you back to the category level permissions you were on instead of category permission list
+Improved add picture menu link to pass the category if you are on a category page
!Fixed regenerate thumbnails,medium sized images for normal categories
+Added Add Picture link in the main gallery toolbar
+Added upload limit per day setting
!Fixed bug if caching enabled showed hidden pictures on index page blocks
!Using php date function instead of smf's internal time format to format exif original date time taken
!Removed the calculation for fstopnumber now using the internal computer value if present or empty using the original fstopnumber without the calculation
!Fixed a bug if selected copy image to another category when you uploaded a picture and had no zero user categories and had normal categories would not let you copy the picture and vice versa.
!Fixed bug if you only had sharethis sharing enabled it would not show on view picture display
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