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Author Topic: Major Updates to the Gallery, Store, Classifieds Systems  (Read 7279 times)

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Major Updates to the Gallery, Store, Classifieds Systems
« on: September 13, 2009, 03:13:06 pm »
Major Updates to the Gallery, Store, Classifieds Systems
We have done some major new updates to the gallery, store, classifieds system on SMF For Free.
Full change list below. These updates should make your forums even better.  We are working on some cool portal updates as well for the ezPortal system.

Latest Classifieds Updates
!Fixed who is viewing for categories/listings
!Fix bug on autoaccept bid for sending email to seller
+Added failed win pm on autoaccept if the bid did not meet the reserve price
+Email now sent to the seller if the bid is auto accepted
!Fix display of private bids to the listing owner on the view bids page
!Do not auto accept bid if reserve price is greater than the bid amount

Latest Store Updates
!Fixed delete picture not deleting files
!Fixed possible undefined errors for the storeipn files
!Items that do not require shipping no longer go towards shipping conditions
!Fixed if group expire days is set to zero to make the member never expire from that group.
!Fixed formatting issue on the thankyou page
+Added setting to control wether the membergroup price that the member is in is shown in all places uses more sql queries.
!Fixed from email showing server email. Switched to SMF's internal mail function
!Fixed page title on viewers page
!Changed the product list page to show estimated revenue
+Added if the same product is added twice to the shopping cart does not add a separate entry just increases qty. If there are

custom fields it does not group them together.
+Added option to add sales price on item creation not just on the edit item page
!No longer shows view more pictures link if there is only one picture for the item
+Added link tree to a couple pages edit item, add comment, edit related items, edit files pictures and manage select fields
!Fixed bug not allowing items to be bought for free if the coupon code allows it
!Fix bug with trying to apply coupon code to an item that does not allow qty changing when the shopping cart is disabled
+Added support to get filesize for remote files
+Added showing of product options on the shopping cart display
+Added pricing tier display to the store item view page
!Sales Price now overrides pricing tiers
!Fixed bug with wrong pricing tier price being displayed
!Fixed bug with deleting pricing tiers redirecting back to wrong item
+Added comma between subcategories on subcategory link display
!Fixed bug with older transactions when clicking on order detail

Latest Gallery Updates
!Fixed who is viewing for user galleries
!Fixed bug with lightbox not using correct path to load css/javascript files
!Fixed a couple xhtml issues
!Fixed incorrect up/down movement when changing custom fields order
!Upgraded HighSlide from 4.0.6 to 4.1.5
!Fixed relative path for highslide which could cause it not to load
!Fixed who is viewing picture/category only showing one member
!Fixed sort order on recent comments block.
-Removed custom field searching due not working on some servers
+Added setting to not show members on the user gallery list if they have no pictures in their user gallery
+Added setting to hide user avatars on the user gallery list
!Member notifications not sent to users who watched a member
!Fixed hiding of rotation on the add picture page if your hosting does not support the imagerotate function
+Added top gallery posters, and top gallery commenters to the stats page
+Added option for user galleries for members to add a featured block of featured pictures
+All members now listed in the user gallery list. Added settings to control default sort order and number of members per page
+Added Random Images Block for Main page
+Added Recently Commented Images Block for Main Page
+Added option to watch/notify when a user posts a new image which causes an email alert to be sent. Includes watch list to see who you are watching and whos watching you!
+Added option to send tweets via twitter on the view picture page using curl
+Added option to rotate an image by number of degrees
!Posts no longer auto approved if they come from a bulk upload
+Added user's avatar to the user gallery listing
+Added feature to copy permissions from other categories
+Added option to edit category level permissions
+Added column to smf_members table to keep track number of pictures each user has uploaded.
+Optimized the Gallery add indexes to a couple of the columns in the gallery_picture table
+Added setting to control the number of images show on the main index page blocks
+Added option to search custom fields
+Changing of a category on add/edit picture now redirects to show any custom field options if present
+Added help links in various places in the gallery
+Added select category on add picture if the user came from no selected category
+Added a comma separator in between subcategories on the board index
+Added BBC editor to adding/editing pictures and adding/editing categories
+Editing a picture now also updates the associated topic if the gallery made one
+Deleting a picture also deletes the associated topic if the gallery created one
+Improved the next/previous links to only show if there is another picture/image
+Added unlimited level deep link tree sub category links
+Added checking for the view picture page for gallery category level checking of the add comment/quick reply fields only shown if they have comments enabled for that field
+Optimized getting picture totals a little bit
+Moved css, js and images folder to the gallery folder
!Fixed a couple cases were xml or rss feeds could fail
!Fixed bug getstarsbypercent that could occur in some conditions
!Fixed bug with unviewed images which caused pictures not be tracked
!Fixed issue with comment scrollbars appearing for larger avatars.
!Fixed issue with editing pictures (changing category) if they uploaded to a user's gallery using another account.
!Fixed an issue with handling of uploaded images. An image could be crafted
!Fixed a bug on main gallery page image blocks which could cause repeated images.
!Fixed a bug with unviewed images which caused some images to be viewed and not tracked
!Fixed issue with comment scrollbars appearing for larger avatars.
!Fixed issue with editing pictures (changing category) if they uploaded to a user's gallery using another account.
!Fixed an issue with handling of uploaded images. An image could be crafted
!Fixed a bug on main gallery page image blocks which could cause repeated images.
!Fixed bug generating watermark for medium sized images.
!Fixed bug with themes that do not have tabs. Checks if they have tabs enabled if not just uses text links
!Fixed bug with EXIF processing input validation.
+Added simple slideshow feature. Starts at the current picture and does up to 50 next images in the category.
+Added RSS feeds for main gallery categories controlled by a setting
+Added setting to control the number of bulk upload fields
+Added an unviewed images tab to the gallery. Where you can view images that your account has not viewed yet. Admins can also see who viewed what picture
+Added spam protection for comments and picture adding and now checks for duplicate form submissions.
+Added builtin support for lightbox. Option to use Highslide, lightbox or neither
+Improved the comment display under view picture to include more information on the commenter
+Added Blocks for User Galleries. Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Top Rated
+Added option to use total point totals
+Added sorting options for categories in user galleries
+Added EXIF support which allows you to get information from images taken with cameras. It is a setting that can be enabled and you can customize what EXIF information you wish to show on the view picture page.
!Fixed a bug that showed thumbnails on blocks were users did not have any access to
!Fixed issue with headers for some pages that had custom html_headers all ready set such as tp shoutbox.
+Added setting to generate a medium size image
+Added setting to flag images as mature/adult content
+Added settings to disable user gallery passwords and private galleries
+Added locking of categories to disable new uploads and editing of uploaded files
+Added a setting to require a comment for ratings. Also if enabled shows the rating next to the comment date
+Added a setting to count only views on image only once per session
+Updated Gallery layout on many of the pages.
+Added under settings the current version of the gallery and checks to make sure it has the latest version.
!Fixed a bug when importing files via import function or bulk ftp function did not escape the filename
!Fixed a bug which allow create a category and set the parent to be the member's gallery
!Fixed a bug with gallery category totals when moving a picture from a user gallery to the main gallery and vice versa
!Fixed a bug that caused a javascript error when viewing a picture if you had highslide disabled.
+Added subcategory link display under the parent category for user galleries
!Fixed removed an extra div tag that was unneeded in the view picture page.
!Fixed an issue with the category permission list not displaying all permissions.
!Fixed bug with blocks not showing the correct information for galleries that were private/password protected.
!Fixed a bug that allowed you to move a picture from a user gallery to root member galleries folder which is not allowed.
+Added support for transparent watermarks. Grabs the pixel at 1,1 and uses that as the transparent color
!Fixed issue if a member deletes their account their personal galleries were not able to be viewed.
!Fixed topic creation options for importing pictures. Was not locking and showing post links.
+Redid the mange categories page to make it more friendly and easier to see subcategories
+Changed keyword search results a little
+Added pages to the user listing and added another column with the total images.
!Now allows bulk uploading into member galleries by admins
!Fixed an XHTML validation error a closing tag was missing for non admin's
!Fixed an issue with recent images not showing up that were located inside user galleries
!Fixed the subcategory display on underneath parent categories to be in the correct order.
!Fixed issue with display settings in the list all function not respecting the gallery settings
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