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Author Topic: Battle-X Runescape Classic Server [Online]  (Read 1748 times)

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Battle-X Runescape Classic Server [Online]
« on: May 24, 2013, 05:20:25 pm »
Battle-X Runescape Classic

We are based off of the RSC Reloaded source which was by Keith, which we're bringing it to F2P instead pretty much with better updates.
Max stat 99.
40X Combat - 35X Skills for first few days, it's also a 10X boost in wild so it'd be 50X - 45X. Join now!

Battle-X Website
Download Client

Battle-X is a Runescape Classic server which is back up and ready for some action, we are looking forward to see you and to come join us.

We have a lot of content, new items, new places to go, also our pking is good we also have a clan system,
although we have a lot more features than that.

There are more zone. One being a  Dungeon which requires 1,400 Skill Total to enter.

Spirit Tree:
Hacimbi - custom huge island/Cities
Max stat 99.
Start off in edge.
Custom items nerfed to work with 99 stats.
F2P Wild.
Exp Rate. 40X Combat - 35X Skills - This wlll be for the first couple days then it will be lowered to 25X Combat and 20X Skills.
New Items -
Hallow, Cripinite (2H's & Axe) - Not allowed in F2P
Cave Eels (heal 25) - Not allowed in F2P
Lava Eels (heal 23) - Not allowed in F2P
Reloaded Potions (Mary Jane and Ashweed Herbs) - Not allowed in F2P
And Much more.

Videos of the server in action:
Note: These videos are when the server was last up by Keith. These are not what the server looks like now though, but somewhat does.

Battle-X demo.wmv - YouTube
Battle-X - YouTube
Battle-X Promo - YouTube

Horvik sells R2H's for 95k. I suggest getting that to start out.[picture not updated]

When you first login game, You'll see you start with the following items.

Iron 2h
Strength Amulet

Food? There is a fisherman in edgeville who will give you free Tuna.

Rune Types have a requirement of 40 in the designated stat.
Dragon Types have a requirement of 60 in the designated stat.
Cripinite Types have a requirement of 80 in the designated stat.
Hallow Types have a requirement of 90 in the designated stat.

Various Monsters drop armour and weapons.
IE: Lesser's drop some rune armour pieces including black demons with dragon drops.

How to get enough money for a R2H? You can kill some men in edgeville which drops about 1k every few kills.

Lever Locations:
Lever A: New City
Lever B: Taverly Dungeon
Lever C: Slayer Cave/Tower
Lever D: Ardougne Dungeon
Lever E: Waterfall Dungeon
Lever F: Crip/hallow in Al kharid

New Cities, New Custom Maps, + More.

Little Barrows Alike RS2 Minigame were working on.

We had a player map contest to design their own city using Paint/And or Photoshop, then we added it into the game!

Make sure to come visit us!
Battle-X Runescape Classic



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