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Author Topic: Code Index [UPDATED 8/18/2010]  (Read 56303 times)

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Code Index [UPDATED 8/18/2010]
« on: May 12, 2007, 11:21:00 am »
SMF For Free Code Index
If you need your code added to the Code Index,  send a message to Agent Moose

Click Code Type to Find Codes or Scroll thru the Index

Affiliates Codes
April Fools Codes
Browser Codes
Codes that Add Text to Areas
Dropdown Menu Codes
Hide things on your forum
Info Center Related
Member Legends
Member Related
Make objects fall down the page
Money Codes
News Codes
Radio/Music codes
Search Codes
Shoutbox Codes
Shop Codes
Sidebar Codes
Smiley Codes
Stylesheet Swapper Codes
Tab Codes
Topic, Posts, Board, Category Related
Warning Codes
Misc Codes

Affiliates Codes
- Affiliate Box With Text Area
- Affiliates Code (Option 1)
- Affiliates Code (Option 2)
- Affiliate Page
- Random Affiliates Box

April Fools Codes
- Agent Moose's April Fools
- April Fools Joke: "Bug" your Members

Browser Codes
- Browser Detect
- Browser Redirection

Codes that Add Text to Areas
- Add Text after Certain Catagorys
- Add Text To Copyright
- Add Text To Mini-Profile
- Add Text To User Area
- Add Custom Message V1 - puts custom message box under members name in posts

Dropdown Menu Codes
- Dropdown Menu - Colored List
- Website Jump Box

Hide things on your forum
- Hide Tabs
- Hide Date and Time Uptop
- Hide links from Guests
- Hide Posts From Guests
- Hide Quick Reply Info
- Hide the News Uptop
- Hide the Write Comment part in the news in the portal, display it on hover
- Remove Bookmark Button
- Remove Text Above Post And Preview Buttons
- Hide Membergroups In Posts
- Hide Moderators

Info Center Related
- Change Sub-heading Text Under Info Center
- Hide Forum Statistics - hides the forum stats section
- Info Center V1 - move info center to above boards
- Info Center V2 - changes the look of the info center
- Info Center V3 - move info center to above boards-makes it smaller
- Show/Hide Info Center
- Toggle Info Center V2
- Most Users Online Revamp

Member Legends
- Member Legend - HTML
- Member Legend under Users

Member Related
- Change Username to Image
- Change Username Across Board v5 - Adds Custom Message along with changes username.
- Change Username Across Board v7 - Change Members Name and Color.
- Color Username
- Member/Guest Text
- Membergroup Colors - color membergroup name in posts
- Membergroup Image - add image before members name (by membergroup)
- Member Quickies V1
- Show Member Number Under Avatar V1
- Add Runescape Crown to Members Names

Make objects fall down the page
- Rain/Snow Fall on Forum
- Pictures Falling Down Page
- Falling Objects

Money Codes
- Money Code V1
- Money Code V2

News Codes
- News Box
- News Box Clickables
- News Box with Marquee
- SMC News Box
- Index Page News Fader

Radio/Music codes
- MC Radio V2
- MC Radio V2 - Always Open
-- Digital Streaming Radio
-- Profile Music
-- Music Player

Search Codes
- Search Engine Description/Keywords
- Search SMC's Code Index

Shop Codes
- Shop V1 - by Agent Moose

Shoutbox Codes
- Moose's Shoutbox (Build B)
- Make Your Shoutbox Match Your Forum's Style
- Open/Close Shoutbox

Sidebar Codes
- Sidebar

Smiley Codes
- Xtra Smileys

Stylesheet Swapper Codes
- All Skin Chooser
- Techno Skin Chooser
- Default Skin Chooser
- Light Skin Chooser
- Drop-Down Skin Chooser
- Stylesheet Swapper
- Helios Stylesheet Color Swapper

Tab Codes
- Hide Tabs
- Put Tabs Up Top
- Go UP and Go Down Tabs
- Add More Tabs
- Change Tab Text V2

Topic, Posts, Board, Category Related
- Activity Code
- Change Message Icons Text
- Change "Report To Moderator" Text
- Change "NUMBER comments" text
- Change "Write Comment" text
- Color Post Text by Username
- Description Code V1
- Freeze Post Count
- Global Announcements
- Group Image
- Go Up Link Or Image In Board Area On Main Index
- Hover Over Catagories to View Forums v2
- How's My Post?
- Minimum Number of Characters in Post
- Move Topic Creator under Topic Name
- New Message V1
- Offline Avatar V1
- Offline Avatar V2
- Password Protect v2
- Post Background (Group)
- Post Background
- Quick Comment V1
- Quick Comment V2
- Quick Comment V3
- Toggle Code and Quote
- Topic Color V1
- Topic Color V2
- Topic Color V3

Warning Codes
- Post Warning V1
- Reason to Edit Karma
- Warning System

Misc Codes
- Add Box Above Ads
- Admin Quickies V2
- Admin Quickies V3
- Change Pages to Drop Down Box
- Center Banner (in logo image url area)
- Check Post Length Box
- Cool Right Click Menu (Internet Explorer Only)
- Lawrences' Countdown Timer
- Current Page Name and Location
- Default Avatar
- Different Background Color Depending on the Time
- Easy Clock
- Elaborate Search Engine
- Email this link Button
- Forum Wrappers V1
- How Many Pages you Have Visited
- Last Forum Activity
- Last Site Update
- Mr. Css': Auto Page Refresher!
- Navigation Box V1
- Profile Quickies V1
- Random Arcade Game Link
- Random Banner
- Redirect Code
- Save Headers/Footers to Admin Notepad Button
- Selection Copy
- Show Number of PM's a User Has
- SMCodes Stats v1
- SMF Page v1
- Spoiler Tag
- Swap Images on Page
- Title Decryption Animation
- Toggle Header
- Top Ten Posters v2
- UserPage
- Wonder Age Calculator
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